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5 Tips For Large-Scale 3D Printing with FROGPrint™

FROGPrint™ is a cutting-edge large-volume 3D printer that brings high-speed and highly detailed 3D printing to a variety of projects. Excelling at detailed and intricate elements, when integrated with the rest of the FROG3D® system, FROGPrint™ scales up productivity by tackling key features and running concurrently with other FROG3D® system components. In working with this machine, there can be some useful tips and tricks that help move along the production process. Below are our top 5 tips to save time and get the most out of FROGPrint™.

5 Tips For Large-Scale 3D Printing with FROGPrint™

Know Your Material

When printing large format models, failed prints can cause massive setbacks in the process. Knowing general information about the specific printing material can prevent incorrect operations. Test printing is essential, where the same material from one supplier may act very differently from another supplier. Sometimes, the same material from a single supplier may print differently, such as black PLA versus white PLA, so it’s always worth double-checking before running the full print.

Choose Nozzle Size Wisely

It is key to know that the nozzle diameter affects the width of each layer. Generally, this can’t be controlled with settings. If the nozzle size is larger than the details needed, the finished piece may look washed out or will miss entire details altogether.

Pay Attention to the First Layer

When it comes to the first layer, the finished printing is very telling. This layer will act as your adhesion to the bed, and it can also forewarn you of an issue that could affect the production process and the finished piece. Some of the common issues that people may run into are inconsistent flow, incorrect temperature settings, or bed levelling issues.

Know Your Slicer

All 3D printers require slicing software. This is a specialized application that sorts out the main task of slicing the printed model into thin layers the printer will then execute. This software can also manage other tasks such as supports, infill settings, wall thickness, temperature, and speeds. As before, a slight change in the various settings will turn out different results. It is highly valuable to take the time to get to know each setting and see how they react with other parameters.

Ask the Professionals

It is no secret that the trick to doing something well is to do it for a long time. There are TONS of experienced individuals that exist in the 3D printing space, given that it has become one of the leading fabrication systems for at-home-use. There is an endless amount of information on the web to help you get started. But, we’ll make it even better than that! If you choose to invest in FROGPrint™, you automatically gain access to our dedicated and knowledgeable team, which you can use as a resource for help with any of your projects!

Call us today, and start 3D printing your visions into reality!

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