FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment

Spec Formliners manufactures form liners used in concrete forming systems. These liners create eye-catching architectural and artistic impressions in the concrete and are used in freeway sound walls, retaining walls, building and bridge barriers. Spec Formliners specialize in custom art work designs, fabricating decorative form liners based on designs and artwork provided by artists and engineers.


Location: Santa Ana, CA, USA


While Spec Formliners owned a CNC router, it was limited in terms of how deep it could cut, which often meant extensive programming and machining time. As a result, many complex designs were being carved by hand, which was a time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate process. With their FROG3D® system, Spec is able to create their complex designs much faster and without having to go through extensive manual carving. FROG3D® equipment helps Spec Formliners set themselves apart from the competition and allows them to bid on projects and scopes that they would otherwise have to pass on.