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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is programmable code that takes automation to a new level. It allows for systems to determine and administrate precise control to machines. Furthermore, this allows one to automate the design, style, and production of virtual models. To begin the CNC milling process, a 2D or 3D computer-aided design (CAD) is imported into the CNC model format. This model guides the CNC machine through the production stages with the use of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Then, the instructions for the setup of the CNC machine are required along with the final design. Setup includes the selection of milling tools as well as specified material. In today’s market, CNC milling poses as 3D printing’s “evil twin” in that rather than an additive CNC machine, it is one that uses subtractive techniques in order to produce the final product.

At Streamline Automation, we cater to two different CNC milling machines: The FROGMILL™, and the FROGMILL Lite™. All the foam milling machines help our customers achieve the desired product they want with the ease of a simple electronic device. Differing slightly in their size, range, and targeted purpose, both machines are rigid enough to not only be used for foam carving, but can be used to work on wood, acrylic, MDF, or many other types. FROG3D® systems allow for 4th axis machining of full 3D objects of up to 4 feet in diameter and 8 feet in length all in one piece. The machines are heavy-duty, engineered with increased rigidity needed to eliminate vibration, all whilst being accurate with respect to global standard tolerances.

​Not only are our CNC milling machines advanced, but they are also intuitive to handle. We aim to help you lower business costs every step of the way. Our milling machines are easy to set up, making installations easy and optional equipment upgrades comprehensive. Any Turn-Key system purchase includes a suite of FROG3D® software, allowing for in-house editing of designs and molds with ease.

​To learn more about how Streamline Automation may help you and your organization increase production capability and expand manufacturing capability, contact us or see samples of our work here.

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