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Our custom software solution to generate lathe-type milling programs for CNC routers with a rotational axis, like the FROGMill™.


Key Features

FROGLathe™ works in combination with the rotational axis of CNC routers, such as the FROGMill™'s 4th axis, allowing the ability to machine 360 degrees of your foam, plastic, or wood model without needing to split and reassemble after machining.

With FROGLathe™, you can import your 3D geometry, scale and position as required, and define your rawstock material using either a cylindrical or a rectangular block of material. FROGLathe™ also offers the ability to specify very precise machining areas, so you only use detailing tools where needed saving valuable time, energy, and costs.

*Please Note:
- FROGLathe™ Software compatible only with Windows operating systems.
- The use of our software requires a connection to the internet.

Different Machining Strategies

FROGLathe™ can match the machining strategy to the specific job you are tackling, so regardless of the 3D geometry, you have the best milling approach available to you.

Machine In Layers

This is beneficial for milling tougher materials like hard plastic or wood.

Automatic Stock Support Control

Add a cylindrical upper and lower support to the scan to improve the structure stiffness while milling.

Crop, Re-Mesh, and Scale Your 3D Model

With FROGLathe™’s simple-to-use modelling tools, you can easily import your 3D geometry and scale and position as required.

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