FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment

GRUPO INTEGRA came into existence 14 years ago, and through the years have been conceptualizing, designing and fabricating creative ways of bringing together PEOPLE, BRANDS and PHYSICAL SPACES. Defining themselves as an Experience Factory, they have been developing creative and innovative pieces such as exhibition displays, event props & 3D advertising, visual merchandising and custom furniture for clients throughout Colombia.


Location: Bogotá, Colombia


When looking into creating a state-of-the-art facility that incorporated complete control over the fabrication process, Integra needed a solution that could keep up with their fabrication needs. The inclusion of the FROG3D fabrication system provided them the opportunity to push each step to the max; starting from design, all the way to production and assembly.

“FROG3D fabrication solution has been a quantum leap in our creative proposals without limiting ourselves in shapes and sizes.”