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CNC Machining in the Medical Industry

CNC machining plays a critical role in the medical industry, contributing to various aspects of healthcare, one of which is the manufacturing of medical device prototypes.

Use of CNC Machining in the Medical Industry

CNC machining is extensively used to produce medical device prototypes such as prosthetic limbs and orthotics. These devices require high precision and quality, making CNC machining an ideal manufacturing method due to its ability to produce intricate and complex parts with tight tolerances.

One of the significant advantages of FROG3D® CNC machining in the medical industry is its ability to customize and personalize orthotics and custom-made prosthetics according to individual patient needs through generative designs. CNC machines can help fabricate patient-specific limbs based on medical imaging data, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

CNC machining processes are highly controlled and monitored to ensure the highest quality standards.

 Advanced CNC machining technologies, combined with stringent quality control measures, help maintain the safety and efficacy of medical devices such as prosthetics and orthotics. 

CNC machining also plays a crucial role in the research and development of new medical devices and technologies. Prototyping and rapid iteration are facilitated by CNC machines, allowing researchers and engineers to test and refine designs quickly before producing the end product.

CNC Medical Machining: Equipment Options

Streamline Automation’s FROG3D® line introduces advanced 3D manufacturing capabilities to the medical industry. 

In-demand equipment for CNC medical machining:

  • FROGMill™ Lite. The compact CNC milling machine FROGMill™ Lite is indispensable in the medical industry. It offers the same superior quality, training, and support as all FROG3D® products. The equipment accelerates production, expands capabilities, and increases profitability.

  • FROGMill™. Useful for the medical industry, the FROGMill™ is a robust 4-axis CNC router designed for high-precision medical prototyping and component fabrication. With superior precision for complex projects, it streamlines operations and increases profitability, supported by top-tier training and service.
  • FROGScan™ Flash – Peel 3. Employing cutting-edge white light technology, FROGScan™ Flash – Peel 3 swiftly captures detailed 3D scans in color, completing the process within seconds. This standalone, portable solution offers flexibility, allowing easy transportation and setup as needed. Following scanning, the captured file undergoes editing and preparation for production before being transferred to the FROGMill™ for precise replication or scaling.

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FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment