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The industry’s most versatile 4-axis CNC foam carving router, giving you capabilities impossible with traditional processes or standard machines.


Key Features

The FROGMill™ is the most powerful 4-axis CNC router available. Combined with industrial strength, unequalled quality and precision, the FROGMill™ provides you the capabilities you need to create larger and more intricate pieces.

The 4th axis offers index cutting capabilities to create full 3D carvings (up to a 4’ diameter and 8’ length) from a single piece. Mounting directly onto FROGMill™, the 4th axis rotational capabilities lets you go from ‘art to part’ in the shortest amount of time possible. The FROGMill™ 4-axis CNC router creates production efficiencies, but it also provides the accuracy and detail you need to create stunningly detailed projects.

Extended Z-Axis

An impressive 26” stroke and 16.5” under gantry clearance puts FROGMill™ in a class of its own, allowing thicker cuts on larger blocks of material.

X-Y-Z Axis Drive System

FROGMill™’s drive system uses an industrial strength heavy gage rack and pinion rack drive system that’s sure to last the life of your machine.

Servo Motors

FROGMill™’s high quality industrial motors provide traverse speeds of 1,200 inches per minute along with hassle-free durability.

Steel Frame Construction

Precision engineered, heavy-duty steel construction provides the strength and rigidity needed to eliminate vibration and maintain accurate tolerances

Heavy 4th-Axis

Engineered to handle up to 1,000 lbs for milling of heavy materials, such as wood the 4th axis feature precision linear rail and linear bearings to ensure maximum resolution and accuracy

Interface Software

FROGMill™’s control centre runs easy to use software as the interface between the operator and FROGMill™. A user-friendly interface makes machining possible with little or no experience.

End-to-End Automation

The FROGMill™ 4-axis CNC router has been designed to work seamlessly with all other FROG3D® components, eliminating the hassles that come with non-integrated components.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Streamline backs up each of our products with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly.

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