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FROGPrint™ by Nexum are cutting-edge large volume 3D printers that bring high speed and high detailed 3D printing to your projects.





Machine PropertiesNX3500NX3000NX2300
Build width1000 mm diameter (39.4″)1000 mm diameter (39.4″)1000 mm diameter (39.4″)
Build height2000 mm (82.6″)1500 mm (61.0″)900 mm (36.2″)
Travelspeedup to 600 mm/sup to 600 mm/sup to 600 mm/s
XYZ resolution20, 20, 50 micron20, 20, 50 micron20, 20, 50 micron
Layer Resolution
0.4 mm nozzle300 – 50 micron300 – 50 micron300 – 50 micron
0.6 mm nozzle400 – 50 micron400 – 50 micron400 – 50 micron
0.8 mm nozzle600 – 50 micron600 – 50 micron600 – 50 micron
1.0 mm nozzle800 – 50 micron800 – 50 micron800 – 50 micron
1.2 mm nozzle1000 – 50 micron1000 – 50 micron1000 – 50 micron
1.4 mm nozzle1200 – 50 micron1200 – 50 micron1200 – 50 micron
1.8 mm nozzle1400 – 50 micron1400 – 50 micron1400 – 50 micron
Physical dimensions
Dimensions1350 mm x 1600 mm x 3550 mm1350 mm x 1600 mm x 3050 mm1350 mm x 1600 mm x 2350 mm
Net. weight375 kg275 kg245 kg
Heated build plate
Build plate temperatureup to 110 °C (230 ºF)up to 110 °C (230 ºF)up to 110 °C (230 ºF)
Build plate levellingAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Heat up time (up to 60 °C)< 7 min< 7 min< 7 min
Print head
Nozzle temperatureup to 500 °C (932 ºF)up to 500 °C (932 ºF)up to 500 °C (932 ºF)
Nozzle heat up time< 90 sec< 90 sec< 90 sec
Max. extrusion volumeUp to 135 mm³/sUp to 135 mm³/sUp to 135 mm³/s

Key Features

Excelling at high detail elements, when integrated with the FROG3D® System, FROGPrint™ by Nexum scales up productivity by tackling key features and running concurrently to other FROG3D® System components.

Combined with a compatibility with over 20 different print materials and easy turnkey functionality, FROGPrint™ by Nexum provides the freedom and flexibility to take on any project and crush it.

Note: FROGPrint™ by Nexum large volume printers cannot print PEEK filament. If printing PEEK filament, contact us for alternative models.

Fast Print Speed

High speed 3D printing delivers your finished object as soon as possible keeping projects on time and on budget.

High Print Resolution

High resolution printing (20 micron) ensures you can print even the finest details.

Big Print Volume

A large build volume maximizes production applications while retaining great accuracy and printing speed.

Broad Material Compatibility

FROGPrint™ by Nexum is designed to handle all kind of filaments including PLA, ABS, PETG, PRO1, and NinjaFlex. You are free to choose your filament supplier and not obligated to buy a particular brand.

TurnKey Operation

User-friendly design maximizes ease-of-use. Plug it in and you are ready to go.

Streamline Production

Run concurrently to other FROG3D® System components. FROGPrint™ by Nexum scales up productivity by tackling key features.

End-to-End Automation

FROGPrint™ by Nexum has been designed to work seamlessly with all other FROG3D® components, eliminating the hassles that come with non-integrated components.

Comprehensive Training and Support

FROG3D® products are backed with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly.

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