FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment
Established in 2017, Baker Studios dba Baker Architects specialises in providing high-end 3D fabrication services. From architecture, custom props, large 3D signage to fully immersive 3D environments, Baker Studios has the capacity to take on any fabrication project. Specializing in 3D foam design, they are passionate about creating fantastic 3D projects at any scale. Some of their in-house services include large format 3D sculpting, 3D animation, large format murals, stained-glass windows, character design, mold making & casting, and liturgical furnishing and artworks.


Location: Frederick, CO, USA


Integrating the FROG3D® fabrication system into their production process allowed Baker Studios to create more complex shapes in almost any size. The broad material handling capabilities of the FROGMill™ allowed them to not only create from sculptures but also undertake wood relief work, develop custom furniture and take advantage of the rotational axis to create organic columns and architectural details. Partnering with Streamline Automation also helped them gain industry insight into numerous methodologies for production beyond just creating foam molds and sculptures.