FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment

Established in 2017, Y-lines is a multidisciplinary full-service creative & technical studio that specializes in custom entertainment and architectural 3D fabrication. They design and build scenery, props and structures for opening/closing ceremonies, special events, fashion shows, trade shows, festivals, museums, retail shops, restaurants, offices and more. They are passionate about creating unique experiences while working with temporary and permanent installations.


Location: Bevel, Belgium

Creating unique experiences

Since its establishment, Y-Lines has experienced exponential growth. To keep up with the fabrication requirements Y-Lines needed to expand its 3D fabrication capabilities. Having the industry experience, the team at Streamline Automation were able to share expert level knowledge and recommend equipment to suit their specific requirements. The FROG3D fabrication system provided them the flexibility and speed needed to support a growing number of clients world wide.