Streamline Automation offers a variety of commercial financing options for the FROG3D® systems through trusted long-term third-party lenders to help get you the equipment you need at an investment that fits your budget. We understand the investment for equipment and your businesses future growth is large – that’s why we’ve partnered with lenders in both the United States and Canada to facilitate flexible and affordable options.

We’re committed to making FROG3D® equipment accessible and affordable for businesses globally. Equipment leasing and finance programs can help businesses acquire the equipment, software, and training they need to get the job done.

Our finance partners offer a variety of exciting programs and options to help make equipment affordable for you and your business. Some available programs include:

  • Flexible Financing available up to $2 Million USD

  • Financing is available on both New AND Used Equipment

  • Seasonal Payments: Larger payments during your busy months, reduced payments during slow periods

  • Step Payments: Step structures provide lower payments for the first 3 months, then step-up to normal payments.

  • Fiscal Programs: Clients design payments to meet special business needs: quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

  • 100% Financing Available: To bundle associated expenses such as tax, shipping, and other expenses all into one application

  • 0% Down Payment Option to avoid up-front costs. Preserve working capital by avoiding these upfront costs so you can free up essential resources for your day-to-day business operations.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our financing options and help make FROG3D® a reality for your business! 

USA: Get Pre-Approval and Apply for FROG3D® Equipment Financing Here!

Canada: Apply for FROG3D® Equipment Financing Here!

Financing your FROG3D® purchase has many advantages, including:

Preserve Cash Flow

Leasing can get you the equipment you need with minimal investment upfront. Payments are often lower than other options, and financing gives you the flexibility to spread payments out over time.

Preserve Working Capital & Credit Lines

By leasing your FROG3D® equipment, you can free up working capital for operations, growth, or even a company outing!​

Improve Financials

Because leasing is recorded as an expense and not a debt, you can expense your entire lease payment.

Increase Flexibility

Leasing not only provides you with easier approval and better terms in most cases compared to banks, it can also be customized to fit your business needs with a variety of programs and options. 

100% Financing

Financing the entire purchase allows businesses to bundle all of the associated expenses such as tax, shipping, and other expenses all into one purchase. By including these costs into affordable monthly payments, your new equipment will begin driving revenue immediately.

*Section 179 Tax Deductions (*US Only)

As part of the US governments Economic Stimulus Act, significant changes have been made to the Section 179 of the Tax Code – changes that have had a huge impact on businesses looking to invest in equipment. The deduction for equipment purchases is $1,040,000. This gives you major spending power, and because you can deduct the full purchase price, your ROI just went way up!