FROG3D - CNC Fabrication Equipment
For almost 30 years Quick Crete Products Corp (QCP) has been known for its high quality precast concrete architectural amenities and concrete site furnishings. With a wide range of precast products and the industry leader in concrete color and texture combinations, Quick Crete Products Corp (QCP) boasts impressive clientele including theme parks and museums, hospitals, public works and master planned communities. 


Location: Norco, CA, USA


Looking to Streamline Automation for upgrading their previous fabrication processes and improve their production efficiencies, Quick Crete came to the FROG3D® system for an automated 3D mold-making solution that could maintain the quality and detail for which they were known. With Streamline Automation’s experience in concrete mold making and architectural concrete fabrication, they were able to help satisfy their equipment needs so they could focus on growing their already successful company; it was a perfect fit.