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Which FROGMILL™ is Right for Your Organization?

Streamline Automation is proud to offer two different CNC milling machines: The FROGMill™ and the FROGMill™ Lite Both the foam milling machines are engineered and designed to help our customers achieve maximum production efficiency. They’re intuitive to operate, easy to set up, and carry optional equipment upgrades that may custom fit your production needs. Along with the FROG3D in-house system, any editing or modelling can be altered with ease.

The FROGMill™ itself offers an impressive 26’’ stroke and 16.5’’ under gantry clearance, permitting thicker cuts and larger blocks of materials to be utilized. It also supports up to 1000-lbs of milling material with its heavy 4th axis capabilities. The addition of the 4th axis features a linear rail and linear bearings, ensuring maximum resolution and accuracy when milling. Combining industrial-strength, unequalled quality, and engineered precision, the FROGMill™ is one of the most powerful 4-axis CNC routers on the market to date.

Compared to FROGMill™, the FROGMill™ Lite delivers a similar range of functionality at a compelling price point. Optimal for fabricators and start-ups boasting moderate production needs, budgets, or limited machine space, the FROGMill™ Lite promises the same precision and quality as all other FROG3D products. FROGMill™ Lite gives you the right tools to drive production and expand capabilities.

Not only are our CNC milling machines advanced, but they are also intuitive to operate. We aim to help you lower business costs every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being a full-service 3D Automation Solutions provider and look forward to assisting you through all parts of your usage of FROG3D® CNC machines from install to training, and more. Each CNC milling machine will have pre-installed FROG3D® software, allowing for in-house editing of designs and molds with ease.

To learn more about how we may help you and your organization increase production capability and expand manufacturing capability, contact us or see samples of our work here.

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