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Scenic Design Sets for Film, Television, or Live Performances (Oh My!)

Scenic design is the art of building immersive environments for entertainment attractions and unique displays. The need for unique sets is important for different industries, film sets and live events being the biggest ones. Realistic model designs allow the viewer to be transported to another dimension, connecting with this newly created altered reality. If you’re passionate about everything artistic design, from cutting-edge film sets to jaw-dropping live performance displays, you’ll need reliable and accurate constructions to bring your ideas to life.

At Streamline Automation, our FROG3D®, machines have worked their fair share of live performances and festivals. Our streamlined automation systems and industry-leading machines, software, and training are guaranteed to help elevate your production process. There’s nothing else that brings us more joy than seeing our clients achieve their artistic and creative goals. Our mission is to walk with you through the journey and help you with the technical side of things.

We believe in our machines and what they can provide to our customers. From our software that models and align codes to our accurate routing and milling systems, you can trust that what you get from us will get the job done. The FROG3D® systems allow limitless possibilities regardless of size or creativity. Whether it’s scanning with FROGScan™ Flash, hot wire foam cutting with FROGWire, CNC milling with the FROGMill™ or FROGMill™ Lite, or protective coating with FROGSkin and FROGCoat, our products deliver the most advanced practices every step of the way. Our intuitive software helps you comprehensively prepare and edit 3D files, allowing for custom fabrications and seamless production at your fingertips. In addition to generating accurate models, our suite of milling and routing machines are at your disposal for constructing the perfect set piece. Our FROGMill™ can tackle the most challenging shapes and forms with ease while being fully automated. With 4-axis construction, there’s no curve or radius this milling machine can’t produce. When our systems are used in combination, you can develop your pieces quickly and remain competitive in the dog-eat-dog world of scenic design.

To empower your business to reach the highest potential, Streamline Automation’s Training options are catered to fit your needs, whether you are new to the world of machine automation or highly experienced. With our help, you and your team will gain the confidence needed to program and operate our systems to create beautiful, jaw-dropping sets, no matter your background.

When you work with Streamline Automation to provide the solutions you’re looking for, our innovative production technology will help you advance into a league of your own. We have engineered all of our components to withstand maximum output, setting new standards to define what the automation industry should feel like. With the speed and workflow of our CNC systems, your production capabilities will keep you ahead of schedule while reducing operational overhead. Streamline Automation gives you the freedom and ability to grow your business by providing power to the two most important factors of your shop: sales and output. With our systems, you’ll have more flexibility to produce higher-quality scenic design pieces and create larger than life events!

To learn about how we can help your organization dominate with set design and customization, contact Streamline Automation today and speak with our technical specialists!

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