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Recreating Sculptures with 100% Accuracy Using FROG3D®

So, you want to produce a life-size version of a prototype, or you want to scale down a structure to make it miniature. Whatever type of sculpture recreation you’re after, the FROG3D® system provides the tools needed to accurately replicate data, whether from a scan or a digitally generated 3D model.


Oftentimes in the machining industry, foam is the go-to media for sculptural enlargements. Sourced from large billets, it is both easy to procure and quick to machine. This easily allows you to prepare and set up the recreation process. Nearly all of the work will be performed digitally, freeing up worker hours to attend to other tasks at hand and decreasing the amount of training one would need before starting the job. You will have total control over the different modifications available to the model surfaces, and each modification comes with an UNDO option! Through the power of our FROG systems, repeatability will give you the biggest advantage by ensuring that your final piece will look exactly like the other models. Automation will not only save valuable resources, but will grant you the ability to duplicate any object you want.

When it comes to the design process, several factors need to be considered. Armature and mounting locations will be handled in the design stage, so the machined parts can include specific pockets or channels needed to install the additional structural components. This means that the positioning of the extremities, or what we like to call “sticky-outy-bits”, is determined by the model information, rather than making you have to guess. Additionally,

when the design is completed, FROGMill™ will mill the organic geometry while your welding team can get started on the metal structure – you don’t have to fit the pieces in as you go.

The FROG3D® line of state-of-the-art automation equipment can recreate your favourite pieces, big or small, without sacrificing the details. If you’re hesitant to leap into the world of automation, we’re here to help. Through shared experience and training, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to advance your creations. Call us today!

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