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Major Tax Saving Benefits for US Companies


As part of the government’s Economic Stimulus Act introduced in February of 2008, significant changes were made to Section 179 of the US tax code – changes that have had a big impact on businesses looking to invest in equipment


In 2019 tax savings have been accelerated even more. Thanks to this year’s new guidelines, the deduction for equipment purchases has been raised to $1,000,000! This gives you major spending power!

Increase your bottom line! Because you can deduct the full purchase price of equipment bought in 2019 – up to $1,000,000 – your ROI just went way up!

Most importantly, the BONUS DEPRECIATION is 100% and it includes both new and used equipment. 


* The Section 179 is available to US companies only.


**Please note, this discount occurs as a result of Section 179 of the IRS tax code and is not a price deduction/discount by Streamline Automation.

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