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How the FROG3D® System Makes Architecture a Snap!

In today’s machining market, rapid prototyping and accurate CNC automation have refined workshop standards and redefined the meaning of production. However, basic principles in design have stayed roughly the same throughout. When it comes to architectural elements though, two-dimensional profiles are making a splash in this corner of the world. The unique yet simplistic combination of a two-dimensional profile can add depth to a draft immediately.


Streamline Automation stays ahead of the curve and offers you the most advanced techniques, including our knowledge about the construction of two-dimensional elements. Our FROGWire™ can be set to cut the 2-D parts quickly and cleanly, leaving you with extra time to tend to other important tasks! The FROGWire™ can also equip 2 wires at a time, speeding up repetitive processes. The FROGWire™ also opens up the option of multi-axis cuts, further setting you apart from your competition. With comprehensive support and end-to-end automation, Streamline Automation is the perfect choice to partner with in building your foundation for your architectural elements from the ground up.

On the occasion, you may want to upgrade an existing structure by adding more intricate elements that change the overall look and feel. It would be quite tedious to redesign a simulation of the current structure and it would take several hours to complete the drawing even before prototyping something new. Instead, FROGScan™ Flash offers you a handheld solution that quickly and effortlessly transitions real-life 3D structures into a digital environment for more freedom of manipulation. You can include the current structure or environment in the scan as well, ensuring the design elements fit into the spaces correctly.

Another tool that delivers cutting-edge technology advancement is the tried-and-true FROGMill™. As it can handle milling a wide range of materials, it makes it possible to complete any project on a single system. Additionally, if concrete architectural elements are what you’re looking for, both the FROGMill™ and FROGWire™ can cut complex foam shapes for concrete molds!

Streamline Automation has the industry’s most powerful tools for realizing your creative architectural ideas while saving you valuable time and costs. Whether you have an exact idea in mind or a thought that needs further exploring, our team is always ready to help! Make creating your architectural elements a snap with Streamline Automation, reach out today!

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