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FROG3D® for Rapid Prototyping

In the highly competitive and highly demanding field of rapid prototyping, you need your fabrication technology to be fast, flexible, and precise. Moreover, you need equipment that can actualize even the most creative and complex designs without high costs or long timelines. The FROG3D® system is proving to be particularly effective in meeting these needs and in providing a complete CNC fabrication solution for companies specializing in reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

FROG3D Fabrication technology being used to create custom concrete molds of a unique table design
From Concept to Creation

Engineered to maximize production power through the use of a clean, cohesive, technological solution, each FROG3D® component brings advanced fabrication capabilities and commercial grade construction to your prototyping challenges. As an integrated system, FROG3D® is unique in that it is a single source 3D CNC equipment solution that allows you to move seamlessly from design to final product.

· Expedite product development through integrated design and fabrication capabilities

· Quickly produce high quality, replicable, prototypes without a large investment of resources

· Improve client communications with high level digital modeling

· Generate 3D digital models through 3D scanning, digital design, or simply converting 2D  files with the touch of a button

· Easily reverse engineer any part or object to produce an exact replica

· Approach projects with tight tolerances and exacting specifications with total confidence


FROG3D® has been engineered to excel at custom and creative fabrication challenges. It produces prototypes on any scale, of any degree of complexity, very quickly and very easily. Powerful software makes it simple to alter and refine digital files as needed, even converting positive 3D scans to negative 3D molds (or vice versa). Automated CNC technology makes production fast and exact. Its ability to work in numerous materials and methods provides the true adaptability required during prototyping.

Moreover, the FROG3D® team provides a committed partnership with your business to ensure that you get the most out of your equipment. From custom training programs to focused support services, FROG3D® is there every step of the way. Having access to the continual knowledge and expertise of the people that designed, built, and installed your FROG3D® system is a major advantage for any company.

Architecture design elements created using the FROGMill 4-axis CNC Router



FROG3D® is where custom fabrication meets creative superpower, and prototyping companies are taking notice. The rapid prototyping and design process is complicated enough without needing to rely on outdated manual fabrication techniques or restrictive and costly equipment. FROG3D® provides dramatic improvements to the speed, quality, and expense of prototyping, making the companies that use it more effective, more competitive, and more successful.

WORK FASTER: Automate time consuming fabrication and design processes to complete projects with accelerated timelines.

WORK BETTER: Consistently produce high-quality exact prototypes no matter their size or complexity.

WORK BIGGER: Go after larger, more lucrative contracts. See higher margins. Rise to the top of your industry.


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