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Are You Ready for a Super Spooky Halloween?

The Halloween season is almost here – the long-awaited time of year for many, and considered one of the most celebrated holidays in North America. Over the next week, you might notice your regularly traveled locations transforming into something different, and a little bit spooky! Haunted houses begin to pop up, farmers plow confusing routes through their corn fields and plant haunted scarecrows in order to attract people as opposed to dissuading birds away from their crops. Your neighbour’s lawn becomes a temporary graveyard, your local theme park turns into a haunted attraction, and your children begin to get excited for the events of the upcoming evening. It’s a very exciting time of year, and a traditional end to the summer months for us north of the equator.

As each year brings fresh opportunity for new décor and animated sculptures, there is a very large need for production of these types of theming pieces. Be it simple and witty grave markers, overgrown spiders, or even animatronic skeletons, the same processes can be used to generate your own, original products. With foam as your media, the investment in materials can be minimal. Using the FROG3D® system to handle the carving allows people of any skill level to produce high-quality themed environments. The application of the FROGSkin™ protective coating is a simple way to provide a long-lasting product in a short amount of time, with a minimal skill level required to manage the production.
So if you’re looking forward to having the most spooktacular time of the year, reach out to us at Streamline Automation to get you ready for this ghosty and special season. Contact us today.

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