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360 Degree Machining with FROGLathe™

With today’s CNC routers, customary software tools can complement and help improve the production process. Streamline introduces FROGLathe as a bridge between advanced machining strategies and simple programming processes. No longer will you have to manually generate certain programs for the FROGMill™. Instead, FROGLathe acts as the one-stop-shop for lathe-type milling programs for the CNC routers that have a rotational axis.

FROGLathe allows for the import of 3D geometries, scaling, and positioning as required by the user. Other than the general datasets, raw stock material can also be inputted into the system for refined calculations. The shape of the raw material, as well as the type of material, helps the software determine the exact parameters to feed the CNC systems to make for a smooth routing experience. The settings can be exported to future projects as well, so the setup time can be shortened even further with every project completed. Because we know that our clients prioritize user experience and ease of use, we pre-loaded the FROGLathe with different machining strategies to offer guaranteed milling approaches regardless of the material or project. This custom software also provides the ability to crop, re-mesh, and scale your 3D model using simple-to use modeling tools, and define your rawstock material as either a cylindrical or rectangular block of material. Stock support control is automatic, and you can easily adjust the amount of upper and lower support to ensure the strength of the structure.

FROGLathe features seamless transitions with the FROGMill™ and the FROGMill Lite™ Specifically, we offer FROGLathe for lathe-type milling on the CNC milling systems, working in combination with the 4th axis. Our unique system provides the ability to machine 360 degrees without the need for reassembly after machining. This is powerful as it saves clients both manpower and additional costs. FROGLathe also helps you fine-tune intricate designs and adjust fine details by specifying specific machining areas within the program itself. This allows you to choose the different tools needed for different parts of the project, generating a better design at the end of the day. Our intention with this feature is to help you save time on the machine itself as well as take advantage of the automated process by having it perform more of the heavy lifting for you.

To learn more about how FROG3D®’s FROGLathe may help you and your organization increase production capability and expand manufacturing capability, contact us today!

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