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Why Purchasing CNC Equipment May Be Smarter for Your Business

Why Purchasing CNC Equipment May Be Smarter for Your Business

There are many reasons one might start looking at CNC equipment. For one, the productivity of a CNC machine out-competes even the most skilled and experienced worker. The automation of CNC holds advantages over conventional machining in terms of speed, production rate, and accuracy, just to name a few. Additionally, The CNC machining process offers perfect repeatability, making manual methods non-competitive.

We’ve been seeing the trend of a generational change in the way CNC machining is being used and operated. As industry professionals begin to retire, it’s clear that workers of today are more comfortable using technology. As it stands, it’s easier to find skilled programmers and tech-savvy workers in this day and age versus finding experienced hands-on manual labourers. The newer generation of workers holds an edge in in that they are more able to grasp the different software and functions that a CNC machine such as the FROGMill™ will use. Even with a staff of experienced and passionate artists and sculptors, automation can take care of the more mundane steps of the process, allowing the artists to focus on the finer and more rewarding steps of the process.

While CNC machines are associated with an initial cost to the business, they are advantageous in the long term as they operate independently, freeing up your staff for further prep and other tasks. It might even work overtime if you ask nicely! Between this and having your staff work overtime, it’s quite easy to see the benefit of a computer-numerical-controlled system.

In terms of training new workers in the inner workings of software that run the CNC systems, it is surprisingly simplistic (and FROG3D® ’s approach makes it surprisingly simplistic). Once the user understands machining theory, the same skills are translated across the board regardless of the project. The ease of transition allows the users to be confident in taking on jobs of different scales and training others on the machine. Whereas the traditional machining shops take quite a while to master the craft, the new systems only require software knowledge and the safety requirements of the operation. The machine does the rest of the heavy-lifting! Knowing about and experimenting with different types of projects can really expand the portfolio of a company, allowing them to access new industries and transition rapidly while maintaining growth.

These industries may require working with different types of materials such as plastics, foam, and wood. The CNC router is responsible to adapt – there is no change in the modes of operation, so you can complete many elements of the same job with just one system! At the end of the day, CNC not only saves you time and money, but it also saves you energy from having to adjust to each independent project and allows you to tackle all projects with one holistic operative procedure.

To learn more about how the FROG3D® line of CNC equipment can boost your project portfolio and increase efficiency, reach out to us here!

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