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Using the FROGWire™ to Create a Concrete Planter

Using the FROGWire™ to Create a Concrete Planter
Our extensive FROGWire™ hot wire cutting machine allows for elaborate and detailed foam cutting to be completed. With quick and easy operations, different structures can be formed out of bulk materials such as EPS, XPS, and other types of foam. We demonstrated the ease and speed of the cutting process by constructing a negative space for a multi-levelled concrete planter. By combining 2-dimensional profiles, we were able to assemble the entire mold to be cut using solely the FROGWire™ system.

The FROGWire™ hot wire cutting system has several advantages compared to other traditional machines. The wire material is perfectly constructed to withstand the temperature of operation, prolonging the lifetime of the wire. As well, two available diameters of wire allow the user a customizable selection depending on the specific type of material being cut, resulting in a clean and even cut each time. Type 2 EPS foam was selected for this planter mold due to its low environmental impact as well as high cleanliness.


With the marked dimension of the foam block ready alongside the pre-programmed hot wire cutting machine, the operator only has to supervise and rotate the multi-levelled cuts. Caulking was used as a release agent to ensure the separation between foam and concrete and was applied directly to the foam surface. To hold the mold sections in their respective location, contact cement was used as glue to secure the desired shape. With minimal effort and slight help of the FROGWire™, the final sections of foam can be cut away to reveal the concrete planter creation.

To learn how our FROGWire™ hot wire cutting machine can improve your product line and potentially offer you extensive consistency and reliability, get in touch with us today.

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