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Tapping into the Visual Merchandising Market

The increasing sophistication of experiential marketing campaigns is creating new opportunities for custom fabricators. Advertisers and companies are constantly pushing the boundaries between marketing, art, and immersive product placement, and as such, they are generating a need for skilled 3D fabricators to deliver on these highly lucrative projects.

Custom fabrication for visual merchandising utilizing the advance capabilities of the frog3d system

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Taking Campaigns to the Next Dimension

From 3D billboards to interactive product experiences to specialized store displays, visual merchandising campaigns tend to be heavily reliant on 3D props. In particular, large-scale oversized props have been extremely successful at generating product engagement. After all, who wouldn’t take a second look at a 20 foot running shoe or a 40 foot can of soup? Consumers are largely oversaturated by standard marketing efforts. Adding dimensionality to a campaign makes products stand out, literally. Incorporating interactive elements such as a themed environment for photo ops, an object that invites a tactile response or multiple repeating props in multiple places are also increasingly common visual merchandising tactics. Creative immersive campaigns trend high on social platforms, and have equally high consumer responses.

The How in the Wow

The challenge for visual merchandising campaigns is translating the campaign idea into the campaign reality. Here at FROG3D we often call this putting the how in the wow. And this is where custom fabrication comes into the visual merchandising market. It’s all well and good to dream up a 50 foot kraken climbing an apartment building, how does it actually happen? 3D fabrication capabilities require specialized equipment and training. This need is proving a tremendous competitive advantage for media companies electing to upgrade their in-house 3D fabrication abilities as well as for dedicated custom fabricators applying their 3D fabrication skills into a new market as contractors. The ability to produce large-scale, interactive, fully replicable displays and props is key to building market share in the visual merchandising industry.

Intrigued? Check out the FROG3D Photo Gallery from some great examples of how FROG3D clients are using our 3D CNC fabrication equipment for visual merchandising campaigns.

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