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New Year, New Goals – Now is the Time to Invest in CNC Equipment

Investing in CNC equipment will provide many benefits to your production tasks. For example, adding even single elements from the entire FROG3D® equipment package will allow you to easily move into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities that might arise. By incorporating elements of the FROG3D® system, you will be able to meet changes in demand, tailor to product variants and confidently work with evolving technology, thus allowing your business to grow in scope and profit.


FROGWire™ and FROGMill™: Effective Elements of FROG3D

The FROGWire™ allows you to replace traditional methods with an automated solution, and allows your ideas to become reality without wasted time and hassle. Impressive cutting speeds mean finishing more products faster, therefore increasing your productivity, and turnover rate which allows you to satisfy more customers. With the FROGWire™, you are able to create larger and more intricate pieces than you were able to before. In addition, this CNC machine is a remarkable tool for the quick production of simple shapes that can fit together to create highly intricate and elaborate designs. The FROGWire™ is a superb introduction to the world of EPS processing, and offers a simple solution for architectural moldings, sign work, and even more elaborate products. Our advanced CNC hot wire foam cutting machine allows you to prepare foam for detailed milling or to cut stunning final products. This versatile tool will allow you to grow your product lines and open up new markets.

The FROGMill™ is the industry’s most powerful 4-axis CNC foam carving router available, and will give you a range of capabilities that are otherwise impossible with traditional processes or lesser machines. In combination with industrial strength and unequalled precision, the FROGMill™ creates production efficiencies and provides the accuracy and detail needed to create stunningly detailed projects with consistency each time. By having our FROGMill™ system installed, you will offer a bold statement to your competition by showing that you are able to facilitate more extreme projects like this one done by our client L3DFX!

In North America, winter time can cause a slowdown in production demands, and this is a good opportunity to take the necessary steps to set yourself up for a successful summer! During this time, you can build your skills and inventory while things are slow, and you can hit the ground running (as soon as it’s not too slippery to do so!). 

The team at Streamline Automation looks forward to spending time with your design and fabrication teams to ensure you are comfortable and confident in all the steps involved, from the design to the programming processes that will be part of the overall production task.

Get in touch with our experts at Streamline to discover the best CNC equipment tailored to you and your business, today!

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