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FROGTools™ and FROGTools™ Sheet Goods: The Perfect Tools to Machine Alternative Materials

Machine tools are used for cutting, forming, and carving, and are essential parts of the manufacturing process. At Streamline Automation, we offer specialized CNC router bits for foam and alternative materials like wood and plastics such as polypropylene. This is because different materials require specialized tooling approaches for maximum results. The right CNC machine tools are important to increase manufacturing productivity, allow extreme precision and accuracy, ensure flexible production, and make sure products are consistent each time.

FROGTools™ Sheet Goods: The Complete Tool Set for Machining (almost) Everything

Our collection of tools in the FROGTools™ Sheet Goods set covers almost all possible needs. FROGTools™ Sheet Goods consist of a variety of specialized cutting tools for alternative materials like wood, plywood, HDU, and plastics. This set includes a selection of cutters in ball end, end mill, and engraving styles. FROGTools™ Sheet Goods include Up-Cut, Down-Cut and compression tools. Up-Cut tools are designed for solid and thicker materials like hardwood and MDF. Down Cut tools are the opposite and work well with thinner material. A compression part combines both up-cut and down-cut features. We also include extremely small tipped tools for high-level detail areas. In addition, we also include a flywheel which is a useful tool for planning your stock material surface to ensure uniformity. When used in conjunction with FROGMill™, FROGTools™ and FROGTools™ Sheet Goods ensure that your products are milled with extreme accuracy and attention to detail.


FROGTools™: The Best Tools for Foam Carving

FROGTools™ are the only CNC foam tools that allow you to achieve depth and precision for foam carving applications. These tools are made specifically for milling EPS and polyurethane foam and include regular and tapered cutters in ball end and end mill styles. Tapered tools allow you to procure high detail in deep cuts, thus improving the intricacy and detail of your products. Longer bits allow deeper cuts and thicker slices with fewer passes which means less time spent in assembly and improved productivity. Each standard FROGTool™ is titanium nitrate (TIN) coated to deliver the best in performance and durability, and is designed to last and save you the cost of recurring replacements that are typical of lesser tools. In addition, all standard sizes for common milling processes are kept in stock and are available to ship immediately.

Included with the FROGTools™ Sheet Goods is a tool library for the programming software and is complete with feed and speed suggestions. As previously mentioned, alternative materials require different considerations when figuring out tooling strategies, and we provide a training program that covers the theory of tooling. The training program informs you about the mechanics of the tools, the way that the tools and materials interact, and equips you with the knowledge to ensure best practices regardless of which materials you need to machine.

We are happy to advise you about FROGTools™ and FROGTools™ Sheet Goods use. Contact us today!

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