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FROGMILL™ vs FROGMILL™ LITE, what’s best for you?

Both the FROGMill™ and the FROGMill™ Lite are advanced CNC systems suitable for many operations. We advocate for the use of these systems for those who wish to push their production efficiency and be a dominant force in the automated machining industry. As the industry grows and more competitors eye for their own corner of the land, FROGMill™ and the FROGMill™ Lite consistently allow one to stay ahead of the curve.

FROGMill™ Lite is designed with new businesses in mind. As an entry-level start in the CNC market, FROGMill Lite is used by those who wish to find their identity quickly and establish a good working production line from the get-go. As a fresh shop, limited production needs, small project needs, and a restraining budget might be some of the hurdles you face. Thus, the FROGMill™ Lite requires little from both your investment as well as shop size. This small but powerful machine is perfect for smaller businesses looking to get into automation. The unique single-phase power supply also means that you wouldn’t have to spend the extra bucks rewiring the electrical systems at your existing location.


In comparison, the FROGMill™ is our flagship industrial CNC milling machine with all the bells and whistles, including software and a dust collection setup. This system is perfectly built to handle large projects, professional industrial production lines, and designed for larger process areas to turn out larger 3D jobs quickly and efficiently. That being said, it will prove to be a great addition to an established lineup of machines. The FROGMill™ will also be a great fit for companies looking to benefit from the automation side of the system when it comes to 3D projects.


In a more technical aspect, the FROGMill™ is ready to handle tools up to 1.5’’ in diameter with 10’’ of cutting length. Those are the biggest tools in the shed for us, and they’re not light either. On the flip side, the FROGMill™ Lite uses a smaller and lighter spindle, where the biggest tools it can handle are no bigger than ½’’ x 10’’ in total length. Due to its small spindle size and short cutting length, the FROGMill™ Lite is a perfect fit for cutting sheet goods or thinner materials that don’t need the extended cutting tool.

When it comes to transporting the machines, both FROGMill™ systems can be delivered in one piece without extra assembly. The FROGMill™ can fit in trailers or shipping containers, whereas the FROGMill™ Lite was designed to fit into a single car garage door, accommodating the limited ceiling height or entryways into a shop.

Lastly, Streamline Automation is proud to offer long-lasting technical support for any products we offer. In particular, we have a trade-in trade-up program where we provide credit when trading in older systems for upgrades or renewals. Our hope is for you to discover your passion for automation systems and produce your wildest, greatest creations on our machines. For any questions regarding our milling machines or any other inquiries, please get in touch with us!

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