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Customizing a Sword Stand With FROGMill™

Construction of artistic pieces has never been easier with milling machines. FROG3D®’s FROGMill™ boasts highly tunable toolpathing, complete CNC machining, and unique compatibility with your favourite design softwares. It’s seen as the frontrunner in helping both industrial manufacturing and creative industries shine.

Using FROGMill™, we created this custom stand to showcase these unique swords. In designing the piece, FROGWare Pro ASP (Vetric Aspire) was used. This software provides solutions for creating and cutting parts on a CNC router – not only does it provide tools for 2D design, but FROGWare Pro ASP also offers different toolpaths without importing additional libraries. Lastly, 3D design tools are available and come with the purchase of FROGMill™! We will work with you to customize your software and teach you the fundamentals of 2D and 3D toolpathing and design. Our greatest hope is for you to master the tools to be able to create anything you want with additional room for further growth.

In picking out materials for the sword stand, we chose Wenge Hardwood due to its superior quality. While machining, the different pieces in the wood were secured using “tabs” which were removed with a small saw blade and sanded down in the final construction of the stand. Then, a thin coat of Tongue Oil was applied to seal the wood.


Believe it or not, the whole process only took 10 hours from designing to assembly! This includes the toolpathing, machining, and finishing. Using a simple wood glue, we clamped the final assembly to allow it to dry overnight.

If you are looking for an efficient tool to manufacture products or creative displays, contact Streamline Automation and our team will work alongside you to ensure you have the equipment and software your business needs to thrive! Check out our other CNC machines that are designed to simplify your production lines and improve both efficiency and accuracy in the final product design.

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