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Bring your Billboards to a New Dimension – Literally!

Passing along the highway or throughout your city, you’re likely to come across signage that promotes different types of products or services. At the end of your trip, will you remember the words or the details that were on the billboards or posters? There is a high likelihood of you saying no right now.

On the surface, billboards may appear to be outdated when compared to the rapid expansion of social media, and falling behind in their reach and popularity. However, billboards allow for authentic exposure that cannot be replicated in today’s social media advertisements. With the trend of data-driven consumer-focused ads on the world wide web, billboards along the highway can seem like a breath of fresh air, so why not take the opportunity to make your billboard count?


Streamline Automation brings you the power of the “wow factor” for large-format printing and media companies. Compared to the 2D format, you have the unique opportunity to captivate your audience. The visual effects produced by the unique displays are night and day in terms of marketing impact and immersing your viewers. It’s safe to say that regardless of the ad displayed, the messages and memory of 3D billboards will linger around longer than simple 2D billboards.

To create these visually stunning large-format pieces, the comparatively inexpensive yet malleable EPS material is used to shorten production time. With the FROG system, many “pop-up” displays can be through the line in days instead of weeks. With the elevated efficiency, FROG3D® systems allow you to take on more work and decrease overhead, bringing more profit to your business. The quicker turnaround also helps to keep your client satisfied as well. All in all, 3D signage is the future of large print advertisements, and the FROG system can guarantee your success.

To learn about how we can help your organization get set up with 3-dimensional billboard construction capabilities, or to check out more from us, visit our website to speak with our technical specialist today.

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