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An Introduction to FROGScan™ Flash

The FROGScan™ Flash is an advanced portable 3D scanning system for capturing accurate digital scans of any kind of physical object. Instead of using manual processes to create digital models, FROGScan™ Flash gives you the ability to translate any object into a detailed 3D file that can then be perfectly replicated or enlarged. Using advanced white light technology, FROGScan™ Flash is able to capture a digital 3D scan in seconds and in colour. It is offered as a standalone, portable solution that can be easily transported and set up when and where required. Once complete, the scanned file can be edited and prepared for production using FROGWare™ Pro ASP software, and then passed to FROGMill™ for accurate replication or enlargement. Let FROGScan™ Flash expand your capabilities and grow your product line.

Using FROGScan™ Flash allows you to expand your product lines and markets with ever-increasing creation ideas. All objects big or small can be digitally captured with our hand-held FROGScan™ Flash, unlocking potential never thought possible before. Compared to custom start-from-scratch CAD drawings, the FROGScan™ Flash allows the user to capture vivid and incredible objects in minutes. This allows the user to focus on growing their production lines, and saves hours of software work, allowing you to focus on expanding your capabilities.

Speaking of fast and easy operations, FROGScan™ Flash improves limitless productivity by replacing traditional methods with this automated solution. Our hope in everything we create at Streamline Automation is to allow our clients to push their creative boundaries and expand their potential by turning ideas into reality. This product perfectly aligns with our values and goals to save you both time and effort. Of course, impressive scanning speeds mean producing more products faster, allowing you to ramp up productivity and satisfy more customers.

With portable 3D scanning systems, the cutting-edge technology and industrial-grade components ensure both durability and stability. The resulting end products are better with precise measurements and angles. This allows you to create designs you may have previously thought to be impossible. How can it not feel good to translate any physical object into accurate 3D digital scans?

Key Features

Fast Scan SpeedFROGScan™ Flash uses white light technology, enabling you to capture the object in a matter of seconds without mis-measurement.

Portability – Of course, the handheld device is standalone and can be transported to any client site, or your next fishing trip.

Quality and Accuracy – Quality controlled and checked by professional engineers, FROGScan™ Flash can generate scans up to 100 microns in accuracy. Did you know it scans in colour too?

Integrated Software – In addition to its powerful 3D data acquisition capabilities,

FROGScan™ Flash includes 3D scanning software offering post-processing capabilities like scan alignment and merging.

Dynamic ReferencingFROGScan™ Flash automatically aligns and realigns 3D scan data using self-positioning technology. Pause and resume scans with no issues while FROGScan™ Flash automatically finds its last scanned area.

Point and Shoot – Learn to use FROGScan™ Flash in under 2 minutes with its point and shoot technology.

End-to-End AutomationFROGScan™ Flash has been designed to work seamlessly with other FROG3D® components, eliminating the hassles that come with non-integrated systems.

Comprehensive Training and Technical Support – Streamline backs up each of our products with second-to-none training programs and technical support to get you up and running quickly.

If you require an application demo, further information, or see how FROGScan™ Flash can improve your product line and offer you extensive consistency and useability, contact us to learn more.

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