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Advance Your HotWire Foam Cutting With Multi-Axis and Multi-Wire Capabilities

Hotwire foam cutters are electrical cutting tools specialized in forming structures from foam and similar materials. The wires are thin pieces of hard metallic elements or metallic alloys customized into specific thicknesses. A “hot wire” is generated when electricity runs through the wire, heating the metallic material via the metal’s natural electrical resistance. As this temperature increases, the hot metal wire is able to slice through the foam as it makes contact. The shape of a block of foam can be broken down via multiple cuts, eventually forming the desired product. Since the wire is very thin, the cut of the foam is both accurate and smooth, making an even finish. The process is simple and fast, hence why it is gaining rapid popularity among automated machining shops. Foam products are also extremely versatile and useful, able to be deployed across different industries.

At the moment, the most used automated hotwire cutting systems are equipped with a single cutting side. Two-dimensional profile cuts are easy to implement and can be virtually used in every single application with ease. Because the heated wire is spread across two control arms, other machines will be locked into the two-dimensional design.

The FROG3D® hotwire cutting system is elevated to multi-wire cutting and multi-axis setups. These functions come with tremendous benefits both for the user as well as the production. As the number of hot wires increases, the production time exponentially decreases. It is easy to imagine many wires functioning at the same time instead of a single wire in operation. Due to the multi-wire system, cutting functions can be easily duplicated to run simultaneously on the same machine. For example, slabbing functions are commonly used when it comes to multi-wire systems, where a single pass of hot wire is used to cut through multiple slabs to adjust for dimensions. Slabbing functions are also often used for architectural moldings.

Not only will a machine shop benefit from upgrades to automated systems, but equipping themselves with industry-leading equipment while having the full technical support of seasoned professionals will guarantee the success of future growth. Streamline offers advanced hotwire systems and will equip operators with in-depth knowledge of how each system works. With multi-axis capabilities in hot wire cutting, production will be a breeze. As multi-axis cutting depends on the software settings, the mechanics of the system arms can be solely determined with the software FROGShape™, saving you time and headache when it comes to the operation of the machine.

To learn more about how Streamline Automation may help you and your organization increase production capability and expand manufacturing capability with our multi-axis and multi-wire FROGWire™ equipment, reach out to us today!

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