From custom props to dimensional signage to fully immersive 3D environments, Legacy 3DFX does it all. Specializing in the fabrication of 3D foam designs, this company is dedicated to the creation of stunning 3D projects on any desired scale. With a wide range of clients encompassing a host of industries, Legacy 3DFX is known as a leading provider of high-end and innovative 3D fabrication services.

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L3DFX (Legacy 3D)

Location: Crest Hill, IL, USA


Wanting to boost their production potential without sacrificing any of their creative ability, Legacy 3DFX partnered with FROG3D® in order to bring the full power of automated 3D fabrication in-house. By incorporating FROG3D® technology into their shop, Legacy 3DFX was able to take projects bigger, faster, and better, while maintaining the artistic and creative control necessary for the kind of amazing projects they produce.