Custom bar top table for ConvergX 2020
Check out this custom bar top table for ConvergX 2020. With over 600 individual squares incorporated into the design, we were able to mill this out using the #Frogmilllite in just a few hours. 😎
3D scanning capabilities of FROGScan Flash
Utilizing the advanced 3D scanning capabilities of #FROGScanFlash, companies like Protect3d are revolutionizing athletic protection by creating custom protective gear for athletes that maximize mobility, comfort and protection.
Explore new ideas
Explore new ideas, make new discoveries every day by expanding your capabilities with a FROG3D system. Discover what it takes to get ahead of the competition. ⠀
Hand painting the final touches
Hand painting the final details to make our clients projects stand out.
Print your creativity
Designed to handle all kinds of materials including ABS, PLA, PETG, TPE and TPU the FROGPrint™ system can take you from concept to a finished product in no time.⠀
Peel away the limitations from your creative process
Did you know Elephants can peel their own bananas, corn and lots of other food? At the same time the Frog3D system can peel away the limitations from your creative process and bring your imagination to life. ⠀
All idols in the same place
Bet you haven’t seen all these idols in the same place and at the same time. With the FROG3D system you can bring your imagination to life. What would you create next?⠀
The power of FROG3D system
Imagine if you had the power of the FROG3D system. What would you create?⠀
Unique Landscape Architecture Created Using FROG3D System
Beautifully crafted precast concrete furniture to incite your imagination.⠀
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