Welcome to the Power of Automated 3D CNC Foam Carving

The FROG3D® system offers proven, powerful solutions for each stage of the 3D foam carving process. Together, they let you create a variety of artistic projects in absolutely any size – without being held back by conventional carving and sculpting processes.

One For All. All For One.

Each FROG3D® component offers advanced capabilities and commercial grade construction – quality that is simply not matched in the market. Whether it’s 3D scanning, hot wire foam cutting, CNC foam milling or hard coat application, FROG3D® delivers leading practices for each step of your production process. It’s when you put all of these products together that the power of FROG3D® rises exponentially. Instead of trying to piece together non-integrated CNC equipment from a range of suppliers, Streamline offers a one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow your products and your business. When we say ‘system’, we mean it.

Taking the Work out of Artwork

Our potential clients are sometimes confused by the fact that we offer one line of equipment. After all, most suppliers offer an endless (and often confusing) array of CNC machines and foam cutters. Why do we only offer one? The answer is simple. While other CNC equipment suppliers sell product to a countless range of industries, we focus on providing the best solution for artistic foam carving applications. This is our area of expertise, and it’s what we do best. FROG3D® is built for 3D foam carving, and it’s for those serious about building top notch CNC foam carving capabilities.