In this document, you will learn a bit about the history of CNC Foam Cutting Technology, and why it has rapidly become an integral aspect to the development of scenic design. We will also review the key features and technologies offered by the FROG3D® line of equipment, and why we are the leader in CNC machinery for a variety of applications and industries. Download for Free!

In this resource, we will explore the ways in which 3D automation systems have changed the way that businesses manufacture products, from industrial and aerospace components, to art and sculptures, and everything in between. We will review the advantages and key features of the FROG3D® equipment lineup and how Streamline Automation can offer you the most to boost your ROI and improve your production process.

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Streamline Automation pioneered the automated 3D CNC carving market with its FROG3D® family of products, which helps businesses around the world create spectacular creations.
We work with our clients to take their production processes, products, and businesses to new levels. That is why we measure our success by how successful our clients are.
The FROG3D® System is the industry’s leading turnkey 3D CNC solution that is both completely integrated and fully automated. Combined with our extensive training, production, and business planning services, Streamline is committed to driving innovation and building success for our clients. We handle every aspect of the customer experience in-house including demonstration, installation, training, and support to provide seamless equipment solutions. Our comprehensive approach is as unique as the companies we work with, and translates to exceptional business growth for our clients.

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