Concrete Precasts and Molds for Construction with FROGBase™

FROGBase™ is a proprietary software package developed for the concrete industry. It was developed to build molds for precast concrete drainage products such as pipes, manholes, and catch bases. FROG3D® rises to the challenge in the increasing demand for more complex concrete products. With our advanced TurnKey system, we provide the complete mold-making platform. Our hope is to let our clients have the power to create a variety of molds in any application that they see fit. With the power of FROGBase™, the traditional processes like creating prebench molds are completely substituted with automated production lines. This not only accelerates production but also provides additional reliability and consistency.

FROGBase™ works off of user-defined databases that store and load information such as pipe sizes, tool specifications, and base geometry. This allows for quick and reliable 3D model and toolpath generation within the same CAD-CAM package. With the clean and simple user interface, FROGBase™ requires very little previous experience in CAD-CAM software. Not only will we help you custom-fit your production line with our software, but FROG3D® is also ready to support you with our additional lineup of CNC machines that will only boost your production capabilities. With the combination of 3D scanning, hot wire foam cutting, 4-axis CNC routing and more, you can quickly inject more creativity into your existing production lines and expand into new market areas quickly. Streamlined concrete mold production can give your business the boost you need.

One of the key advantages in implementing the FROG3D® fabrication system is the ability to dial in the final design dimensions before committing time or materials to the production of your final product or part. Our partnership with a fellow concrete production company, Inland Pipe, can attest to the benefits of the FROGBase™ system. For a company that requires speed, precision, and quality, FROG3D® was able to help them automate the production of precast pipes. FROGBase™ combines the craftsmanship of conventional processes with the efficiency and repeatability of automation. FROG3D® are pros in translating the power of automated mold making into the realities of successful businesses.

To learn more about how FROG3D® may help you and your organization increase production capability and expand manufacturing capability, contact us today or see samples of our work here.

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