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What Materials are Used for CNC?

Materials used for CNC

Table of Contents Not all materials are created equal. In this article, we’ll delve into some different materials ideal for CNC carving, their properties, and how to choose the perfect one, or combination, for your project requirements. Like we highlighted in our last article, “The FROGMill stands out in the industry because it was built […]

Guide to Cutting Foam With a CNC Router

cutting foam with cnc router

Table of Contents Foam is a valuable material in the world of CNC machining, as it is both a versatile and economical material choice that can be machined easily with the proper CNC tools and equipment. Whether foam is used for prototyping, mold-making, product packaging, artistic creations, or various industrial applications, foam’s unique properties and […]

Create Foam Halloween Props With FROG3D®

Foam Halloween props

Table of Contents With the bewitching season of Halloween approaching, it is exciting to create one-of-a-kind projects that will thrill every Halloween enthusiast. Halloween is all about horror, haunted houses, scary movies, and creepy costumes! You can create the wow factor by utilizing cheaper, lightweight, and weatherproof materials such as EPS foam to produce these […]

Streamline Automation | Featured in Vectric’s Case Study | Halloween Horrors

Read Vectric‘s newest case study featuring Streamline Automation’s project of the Halloween Hall of Horror Props using the FROG3D and Vectric Aspire systems.   Here is a little snippet from their write up: “The tricksters at Streamline Automation had a ball when they completely transformed their shop into a floor-to-ceiling display of devilish proportion so […]

CNC Machine: Problems And Solutions

CNC machine problems and solutions

Table of Contents CNC machine problems can span from burn marks on the surfaces of machined parts and power malfunctions, to the obstruction of movable components or inaccuracies in the machined parts. Read ahead to learn how you can troubleshoot common CNC machining issues and prevent them from reoccurring. 1. CNC Problem: There are resolution or […]

How To Cut Foam With a Hot Wire: 5 Tips

Cut Foam With a Hot Wire

Table of Contents Hot wire foam cutting is a professional service that uses numerical control technology and is considered one of the most advanced and efficient ways of quickly and efficiently processing foam materials. Hot wire foam cutters are used to create parts of different geometries and sizes. When cutting foam with a hot wire, […]

Recent Advancements In Materials

Recent Advancements In Materials

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a flexible and high-precision manufacturing process that is useful for the production of complex and accurate parts and products. Pre-programmed software controls the movement of tools and machinery to create a desired final product by using grinders, lathes, mills, and CNC routers. CNC machining removes material from a solid […]

Art Panels on the FROGMill

Problem A boardroom with a severe echo and loads of bland wall space Solution Criteria Provide sound deadening Be artistic and fun Not take up too much space Be simple to process and mount  Not obstruct electrical outlets Idea Create artistic panels mounted with a stand off from the wall Selected MDF as material for […]

Streamline Automation | Featured in Vectric’s Case Study | HDU Pronghorn Prop

Read Vectric‘s newest case study featuring Streamline Automation’s project of this HDU Pronghorn Prop using the FROG3D and Vectric Aspire systems.   Here is a little snippet from their write up: “As well as the design and manufacturing solutions we sell, we also make our own projects because we put just as much focus on […]

Reverse Engineering – The Tools of The Trade

Reverse Engineering - The Tools of The Trade

Over the recent decades, reverse engineering has become an important aspect of product design and production processes utilized by manufacturers all over the world. Aerospace, software engineering, automotive, consumer goods, military, and manufacturing industries rely on reverse engineering when replicating a legacy part without documentation or drawings, analyzing and deconstructing a rival product, or modifying […]