FROGBase™ for Manhole Production – The Newer Sewer

FROGBase for Manhole Production

Automation in the Construction Industry The construction industry is an evolving and fast-paced field that requires a high level of precision and attention to detail. Human errors can result in costly mistakes, delays in project advancement, and even injuries. Implementing automated processes for construction-related products and tasks can help companies to reduce errors and increase […]

New Year, New Goals – Now is the Time to Invest in CNC Equipment

Investing in CNC equipment will provide many benefits to your production tasks. For example, adding even single elements from the entire FROG3D® package will allow you to easily move into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities that might arise. By incorporating elements of the FROG3D® system, you will be able to meet changes […]

Create Ho-Ho-Holiday Magic with FROG3D®

Create Holiday Magic

Is there a product design that you are attempting to duplicate? Or a scene you want to recreate for the holidays with eye-catching props? You can rest assured, the FROG3D® system has all of your designing and architectural needs covered this holiday season.  Foam is a superb material to use when creating designs as it […]

Create Unique Retail Store Designs to Stand Out in a Crowd!

Unique Retail Store Designs

Retail signage is an important part of branding, marketing, and boosting your business image. Signage is a description of your individuality, and it’s the first thing people will notice about your store. Selecting the right signage is important as it will influence the decision if it’s worth stepping into your store or waiting in line […]

Streamline Automation | Featured in Vetric’s Case Study | HDU Fire Head

Streamline Automation was recently featured in Vetric‘s Case Study on our Fire Head creation!   Here is a little snippet from their write up: “From concept to clay and from clay to carve! Have you ever thought about creating a 6ft foam fire head sculpture? Not until now, I hear you say! Here at Vectric […]

Exhibition Design for an Unforgettable Experience

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Why are They Important? Trade shows and exhibitions give you a chance to show off your skills and creativity to the wider public. A trade show is an event that brings together members of a certain industry to demonstrate, display, and talk about their latest products and services. Taking part in […]

FROGTools™ and FROGTools™ Sheet Goods: The Perfect Tools to Machine Alternative Materials

Machine tools are used for cutting, forming, and carving, and are essential parts of the manufacturing process. At FROG3D®, we offer specialized CNC router bits for foam and alternative materials like wood and plastics such as polypropylene. This is because different materials require specialized tooling approaches for maximum results. The right CNC machine tools are […]

How to make your final product eye-catching yet durable with FROGCOAT™ and FROGSKIN™

FROGSKIN™: The perfect tool to add texture to your products FROGSkin™ is the perfect coating solution for all your textural needs! Our product is the ultimate solution for adding textured finishes to your sculptural, themed, or architectural pieces. At FROG3D® , we have incorporated FROGSkin™ with ease of use in mind, and our product is […]

Using FROGScan™ Flash Alongside Other FROG3D® Solutions

Wouldn’t it be so convenient if you could have a portable, handheld, easy-to-use, 3D scanning unit? FROG3D® and our processing package FROGScan™ Flash is just this, allowing you to scan real-life objects into a digital model and interact with the digital world more easily. FROGScan™ Flash is a single element of an entire processing package […]

Featured Internal Project – Hexagon Wall Art

Idea To use a repeatable pattern, and a simple-to-produce paint technique, in order to create an attractive décor for our office.   Design process Using Fusion360, we were able to create the shape and see how it would look in a repeated pattern. We were able to make small changes to the surfaces in order […]